A Review of The Oodles of Feet by Bert Schierbeek

Bert Schierbeek was born in a village called Beerta in 1918. Born to poor parents, he became a single parent when he was very young; left by his parents at birth, he schooled at a boys-home in Beerta. He then went on to study art at the University of Amsterdam, where he gained a degree in Fine Arts. After this he went into teaching, first in a school in Eindhoven, and later in Rotterdam.

He is best known for being the editor-in-chief of the popular magazine Wall and Piece, and also being one of the producers of the Dutch language television program, Maastricht. When it comes to children’s books, no one has had more influence on young readers than Bert Schierbeek. His most famous children’s book is The Oodles of Feet.

In this classic children’s book, Bert starts off by describing his childhood in a small, rural town. Bert talks about how he can relate to the people in the town, how their small, solid houses remind him of home, and how they have just managed to survive in the tough times. Bert also describes the hardships faced by all children, and how he knows how all children really enjoyed reading The Oodles of Feet because it helped him understand how to deal with change.

After the narrator finishes describing how life is, Bert then starts to describe his journey to learn English. He does this by talking about how his father tried to educate him only to realize that it was not going to happen. Bert then went on to describe how his mother tried to help, but could not get Bert to listen. Finally, Bert talks about his love for English, how he wanted to be a great speaker, and how he wanted to learn to speak English like his great uncle. He also said that his uncle was a great and famous teacher who was a great traveler.

In the next section of The Oodles of Feet, Bert talks about how traveling affected him, and how he misses his friends. Bert started learning English at age 4, and according to him, the experience of traveling changed his life forever. According to charles mcgeehan, the experience of traveling influenced Bert’s writing as well. Bert started to describe the things that cross our minds when we travel, and how these things are different from what we normally think about when we travel.

Following the description of the trip, Bert then discusses how he took the book with him to the United States. He took the book to New York City, and was overwhelmed by the beauty and the history of the city. Finally, he talked about the importance of the book to him, and why he feels it is important to read every word. The Oodles of Feet is definitely one of the most wonderful books on Dutch. It will surely be discussed for many generations to come.

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